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Ayamase, (Green Pepper Chilli Sauce). Ready to Eat. 500g

Introducing Ayamase Chilli Sauce, your passport to authentic Nigerian flavor! Crafted from fresh, natural ingredients, this sauce perfectly blends Green Peppers, Green Chilli Peppers, Onions, Locust Beans, and Palm Oil with locally sourced Crayfish. It ignites your taste buds with fiery excitement, enhancing various rice dishes and elevating Chicken, Fish, or Meat.

Capture the essence of Nigeria's culinary heritage with convenience, as each jar offers 4-5 portions of ready-to-use goodness. Spice up your meals and indulge in West Africa's flavors today! 

Ingredients:Green Rodo, Green Tatashe, Green Shombo, Onions, Salt, Seasoning, Bleached Palm Oil.