Melon Seed (Egusi ) Soup and Nostalgia

How many of us can recall when as means of relaxation our mothers will take to ‘breaking Egusi’ and having a good chat with friends and family… Was that the equivalent of having a cup of tea and cake with friends? Today we hardly see the ‘unbroken’ or more appropriately, unshelled melon seed and when […]

Yummy Bitter Leaf Soup

The Bitter Leaf Soup which originates from the South Eastern part of Nigeria is fast becoming one of the more popular products in the Eazy Naija Food range.   b   The Bitter Leaf Soup is cooked with proteins and the customary fish condiments and thickened with cocoyam powder. The Easy Naija Foods Bitter Leaf […]


Welcome to the EazyNaijaFoods blog bringing you the taste and flavours of Nigeria. Today we are introducing the stew. The Nigerian stew is a tomato based sauce made with a blend of tomatoes, onions, chilli and spices fried in oil to which one may add protein of choice such as Beef, Chicken, Fish or even […]

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